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Community Realty Alliance



Community Realty Alliance is a Mission-Driven Real Estate program is fundamental to ensuring that affordable properties are made available to new home buyers and sellers. Bronx NHS assists underserved communities across The Bronx with the purchase and sale of residential as well as commercial real estate properties. By providing access to capital for down payment assistance, developing real-estate properties, and acquiring vacant or distressed properties, Bronx NHS stabilizes communities to build neighborhoods of opportunity.

This service places a family on the path to equity building, creates a supportive environment for childhood development, and turns marginalized communities into neighborhoods of choice. Bronx NHS focuses on prioritizing the needs of the client with comprehensive real estate services that help buy, sell, lease, and manage property.

  • Bronx NHS provides the following Real Estate services:

  • Real Estate Purchase, Brokering and Client Representation

  • Acquisition, Rehab and Resale of Property

  • Property Management

  • Commercial Development

  • Short sales

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