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Bronx NHS' Vision 2030

Bronx NHS' Vision 2030

Bronx Neighborhood Housing Services CDC Inc. is on a mission to support efforts to create a thriving, resilient Borough by 2030. Through collaboration we have embarked on a two pronged strategy. Affordable Housing along with Health and Wellness.

1. Affordable Housing Initiatives:

  • Work with local government and organizations to increase the availability of affordable housing in the Bronx.

  • Advocate for policies that promote affordable housing development and preservation.

  • Provide financial assistance and resources to low-income residents to help them secure and maintain affordable housing.

2. Health and Wellness Programs:

  • Collaborate with local healthcare providers and community organizations to offer health and wellness programs, such as nutrition education, exercise classes, and mental health support services.

  • Promote access to healthcare services by organizing health fairs, mobile clinics, and outreach programs.

  • Support initiatives to address food insecurity and promote healthy eating options in the community.

3. Community Engagement and Education:

  • Organize community forums and workshops to educate residents about their housing rights, healthcare options, and wellness resources.

  • Empower residents to advocate for their needs and participate in decision-making processes related to housing, health, and wellness.

  • Foster partnerships with local businesses and organizations to create job opportunities and economic empowerment for residents.

4. Infrastructure and Environmental Improvements:

  • Advocate for improvements in infrastructure, such as parks, recreational facilities, and green spaces, to promote physical activity and community engagement.

  • Support initiatives to address environmental issues that impact health, such as air quality, lead exposure, and access to clean water.

5. Data Collection and Evaluation:

  • Establish a system for collecting data on housing, health, and wellness indicators to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

  • Use data to inform decision-making and resource allocation, ensuring that initiatives are

  • targeted and effective.

6. Collaboration and Partnerships:

  • Foster collaboration among local government agencies, non-profit organizations, healthcare providers, and community leaders to leverage resources and expertise.

  • Seek funding opportunities and grants to support housing, health, and wellness initiatives in the Bronx.

We have implemented these strategies, and we are working towards uplifting housing, health,
and wellness in the Bronx, ultimately improving the quality of life for residents and creating a
thriving, resilient community.  To find out how you can partner with Bronx NHS on these initiatives, call our Executive Director, Gladstone Johnson at 718-881-1180.  

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