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“Building Healthy, Stable & Diverse Communities”

Bronx Neighborhood Housing Services CDC, Inc.

1451 East Gun Hill Rd, 2nd Floor, Bronx, New York  10469

Bronx NHS Facts Bronx Neighborhood Housing Services CDC (Bronx NHS), with a long presence in the Bronx, is a trusted not-for-profit organization. The organization  provides financial, pre & post-purchase education & counseling, grants, mortgage facilitation, affordable loans, and free tax services. It also provides training to empower Bronx residents to become self-sufficient. Bronx NHS promote investment in our communities to enable individuals and families to preserve and improve Bronx Neighborhoods, their Homes and their Future. To accomplish our mission, Bronx NHS collaborates with corporations, local organizations and government entities. In addition, Bronx NHS board members are local residents.
Since its founding, Bronx NHS has focused our programs on:

  • Financial & Homeownership Education and counseling,

  • Mortgage Facilitation – Helping homebuyer and homeowners obtain affordable mortgages

  • Homeownership Preservation – Foreclosure Intervention, Home Improvement Lending/Grants, Energy & Green Initiatives;

  • Resident leadership and Community Building


We believe in homeownership and continue to support first-time homebuyers through facilitating the home buying process. We provide access to affordable mortgage products; down payment and closing cost grants and loans; refinancing; education; and other services.  We aim to empower local contractors and assist clients with repairs and renovations, including improving the energy efficiency of homes.  Through partnership with government and other corporations, we are addressing the affordability gap and the problem of zombie houses affecting our communities.

Last 6 years Bronx NHS Accomplishments – as of December 31, 2022

  • Leveraged over $25.5 million investment in new homeowners.

  • Invested over $1.5 million in down payment assistance.

  • Prevented 215 foreclosures – for over $35 million in loans

  • Invested over $1.4 million in loans and grants to assist in the repair or improvement of homes.

  • Provided pre-and post-purchase education to 4,997 residents.

  • Provided more than 11,000 pre-and post-purchase counseling sessions.

  • Prepared more than 12,197 tax returns for a value of over $10.8 million to the community.

Our Customers

  • 57% of Bronx NHS’s clients are low-to-moderate income households

  • 34% were Black/African-American;  28% Latino; 7% Caucasian;  1% Asian;  30% Other

  • 17% are elderly (age 61 and above)

  • 22%  are female head of households

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