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Upliftment 1000 Pilot Program

Bronx Neighborhood Housing Services CDC (Bronx NHS), with a long presence in the Bronx, is a trusted not-for-profit organization. It provides financial, pre-purchase & post-purchase education & counseling, grants, mortgage facilitation, affordable loans, and free tax services. It also provides training to empower Bronx residents to become self-sufficient. Bronx NHS promote investment in our communities to enable individuals and families to preserve and improve Bronx
Neighborhoods, their Homes and their Future. To accomplish our mission, Bronx NHS collaborates with corporations, local organizations and government entities. Bronx NHS board members are local residents.

Upliftment 1000 Pilot is a pilot program proposed by Bronx NHS and aims to address the severe shortage of affordable housing options, particularly for low-income families. The program intends to increase the supply of affordable housing
through targeted investment in the construction and rehabilitation of single-family, multi-family homes and out of commission multi-family structures into selected 2 and 3 family condominium units. The program also proposes to provide homeownership assistance to help families purchase these homes.


The program will start as a pilot program, assisting 15 families to secure affordable homeownership. This program will not only provide much-needed housing options for low-income families, but it will also help to revitalize the community and improve the quality of life for residents. The long-term goal of this program is to provide 1000 families with affordable homeownership.

The Upliftment 1000 Pilot program is expected to have a positive impact on the community. The program will provide affordable housing options to low-income families, which will improve their quality of life. The program will also revitalize the community and contribute to the local economy by creating job opportunities which will lead to a positive impact on quality of life in these neighborhoods.

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